We offer a wide variety of every type of saltwater livestock available. Whether wild collected or captive bred, chances are if you are looking for a particular piece of coral or invert, we either have it or can get it. All corals and inverts in this section are WYSIWYG “what you see is what you get”. So the picture you see is a picture of the exact specimen you will receive. We do not digitally enhance any of our pictures. It will not be saturated with blue color, or shot under 100% actinic or blue LED lighting. However, unless you are running the exact lighting and bulb configuration that we are here at our facility, chances are the coral may appear slightly different under your lighting configuration. We hold all coral under 48” 8 bulb T5 fixtures. We use all ATI bulbs in a combination of 6 ATI Blue +, 1 ATI Aquablue Special, and 1 ATI Purple plus. In our opinion, this gives the tanks a nice 18k color temperature.

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