Cut to Order Coral

We aquaculture and maintain mother colonies of thousands of different species of corals. Not every single coral in the facility is always available as a WYSIWYG frag 100% of the time. However, we are more than happy to cut you a piece off of our mother colonies. Every cut to order piece of coral will be cut and mounted, then allowed a minimum of 1 week to heal. If at that time we don’t feel the coral is ready to ship we will be in contact with you to discuss. All pictures of coral in this section are pictures of our mother colonies or frags that we have acquired and are currently growing out, NOT a wysiwyg picture of the coral you will receive. All cut to order corals will be cut as a ¾”-1” frag.

Estimated Shipping Date

All orders will ship out overnight on Monday or Thursday for Tuesday and Friday deliveries

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